Solacium: Coming to a Theater Near You!
July 8, 2015

Okay, semi-misleading title.  But I had to get you here, didn’t I? Here’s the scoop:  One of my short stories, Living in the Singularity, will be a film soon and I’m excited to tell you about it.  A  local production company, Voyager Video, liked a script based on the story written by the very talented Don […]

PA-112, PA-113, & PA-114: And We Have Races!
February 4, 2014

The routine of breakfast consumption in NEPA involves more than mimosas and toast.  We get our truest, necessary sustenance from politics.  A slice of gossip here, buttered with a little bit of hearsay there, and a healthy balanced meal of the latest corruption arrests coupled with  rampant speculation about upcoming elections leaves us ready for […]

Don’t Burn on the Weekends
January 25, 2014

Very few of us can imagine the horror and terror of waking to a house fire.  Nobody should have to.  And especially, nobody should have to on the weekends.  Says PP&L. In a city where just a few years ago a firefighter died because of electrocution, we just witnessed a family lose a home that […]

What’s the Word? Edition #1
December 11, 2013

It’s important that I spend some more time blogging, as opposed to thinking about blogging.  The format of this space hasn’t really been solidified in my mind, yet.  Since this is and not, my former political blog, it’s obvious that the focus is different. So I’d rather my writing life take precedence over […]

I’m Back, Baby
November 10, 2013

The past year of not having a blog has been a whirlwind.  I’ve gotten married, I ran for and lost a race to become a Scranton School Director, and I’ve gotten married.  That’s in there twice because, oh boy, does that require planning, stress, and work.  But the payoff was wonderful.  I happen to like […]