Haggerty: AWOL and Running for a Job He Barely Did
April 25, 2016

As anybody paying attention knows, the race in PA’s 112th district has been a mess.  Last week, I wrote about current Rep. Frank Farina’s issues with per diems.  While I was out of town for a wedding, it looks like his issues extend into campaign reimbursements.   We have Tom Lukasewicz, a  Throop Councilman who unapologetically believes the borough to be his own personal repository for employing his family.  And who supported the landfill for his whole political career until it became advantageous not to.

And then there’s Kevin Haggerty.  Dear Lord.  Take a look at the documents below.  He calls himself a Marine, but was discharged after 6 months.  Why?  Take a look at these documents below.  It appears that he went AWOL.

IMG_35831 IMG9535841

Notice the highlighted part?  AWOL.  You may remember Kevin getting into arguments on WILK with Steve Corbett about releasing this document.  Well, it got FOIA’d and here it is.  Haggerty has a lot of explaining to do.  Why did he go AWOL?  If it got cleared up, how did that happen?  I couldn’t find any encoding about his discharge on this paper, so was he discharged honorably?  Dishonorably?  Medical discharge?

But here’s the thing:  this isn’t the only time Haggerty has gone AWOL.  He served as a State Representative and barely bothered to do his job.

According to his former Chief of Staff, Joe Fabricatore, he routinely didn’t show up in Harrisburg to vote or work.  In fact, he missed 117 votes in 2013-2014.  Farina has missed 3.  Who did the job they were elected to do?  Definitely not Kevin.

In fact, in a particularly egregious and offensive case, Kevin missed a vote on HB 2188 in June 24th of 2014.  From Fabricatore, “The Dems fought the bill because it would limit the amount of Mental Health Services people can get.  The bill died 101-100.”  So Kevin’s vote mattered, and he didn’t bother.  This is the guy who stands on the Interstate  81 On Ramp (which is illegal) chasing down cars all while yelling about how much he’s for the people.  What people?

I’ve always been suspicious of Kevin.  Now, I’m just offended and disgusted.  This man doesn’t deserve a single vote.


EDIT:  An alarming number people have contacted me and warned me about my safety, given Haggerty’s demonstrable volatility.  While he has threatened people before (like John Keeler at the Dunmore Little League Opening when he first ran), he hasn’t done violence and I’m not living in any kind of fear.  He’s not anti-free speech.  Thank you for your concern, though.

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