The Daily Hag: Owing Money All Over Town
May 28, 2016

At certain points throughout a campaign season, finance reports are due.  These exist so that voters and journalists can examine who is supporting a candidate.  They also give insight into a candidates priorities.  There is a penalty for getting these in late: $10 per day, capped at $250.  This is peanuts for a campaign raising tens of […]

Assault on Teaching: PA Senate Edition
May 17, 2016

The teaching profession has been systematically under assault for some time.  Stop me if you’ve heard these: Teachers get summers off. Teachers are glorified babysitters. Teachers get paid too much. Teacher benefits are too high. All this ignores: That teachers are required to keep getting college credits, or we lose our jobs.  Many of us […]

PA-112: This Race Is A Distaster
April 17, 2016

The race in the 112th legislative district (which covers the Midvalley, Dunmore, and parts of Scranton) has, in my view, been a lock for Frank Farina from the beginning.  He’s got Tom Lukasewicz, who was for the Landfill before he was against it.  And then there’s Kevin Haggerty, who probably definitely needs counselling. The solid political strategy for […]

PA-112: Bill Paid, But More to Come
March 15, 2016

After last week’s post about Kevin Haggerty’s large unpaid bill with Lamar Advertising, the Scranton Times has told us that he’s all squared up. Or is he?  (Yeah, that’s me being dramatic.) One of my favorite pastimes is looking at campaign finance reports (my life isn’t that exciting).  According to Haggerty’s campaign finance reports, which you can […]