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Short Stories:

Filmography & Clips:

  • I did my MFA thesis work on dystopian fiction and I was asked to speak about 1984‘s success in the world of a President Donald Trump.  Here’s a link to the WNEP article and clip!
  • Solacium: My aforementioned short story, Living in the Singularity, was made into a film!  Voyager Video, headed by Lindsay Barrasse and Dave Corigliano, filmed it.  The screenplay was written by Don McGlynn and turned out far better than the story.  Check out the website here, IMDB here, and a promo clip below (there are many more clips on the website):
  • Story Slam:  In November 2012, I had the opportunity to participate in a Story Slam, check out this charming video:

  • The Coxton Campaign:  A long time ago, in a Scranton not far away, I came up with an idea for a mockumentary-style comedy about politics.  Thus, The Coxton Campaign was born.  Here’s a link to the IMDB page and below is my favorite clip from the whole series: