Short Story Published in Bewildering Stories! Hooray!
November 18, 2013

As many of you know, I write stuff.  Words, if you will.  And sometimes I string them together into something other than blog  posts.  Today, one of my “story stories” (as they are known) was published by a fantastic online literary magazine called Bewildering Stories.

I came across this journal some time ago when I was researching what was happening in the science fiction underground and love what I see.  It’s on its 550th issue and possesses anything you could want in the realm of the strange, fantastic, and wondrous.

In my case, I submitted a story called Living in the Singularity, which appears today.  The story centers around a man whose wife, before the action of the story, uploaded her consciousness to a mega-computer in an effort to both gain immortality and force her husband to follow.  He was none too happy about it.  The world he lives in is emptying out as more people upload and forgo their bodies.  No more friends, nobody to bullshit with.  No wife, especially.  His job will soon be obsolete.  And so, he eventually makes the reluctant decision to join her.  What happens, I’ll leave to you to read.

Excitedly enough, Mark Dennebaum at 25-8 productions in Scranton wants to turn this into a short film, so some of my old MFA buddies (Joe Bomba and Bill Howe, specifically) and I will be working on a screenplay.

My “Publications” page is brand new and on the toolbar.  I have updated it to include this story and my appearance at the November 2012 Scranton Story Slam — there’s a video included there for everybody to revel in.

I send out short stories in bursts, probably once a quarter, which isn’t really enough.  I tend to let life distract me a lot.  But this space gives me a chance to focus on my writing and will hopefully push me.  Part of me wants to spend bloggy-time delving into the stories I write, talking about inspirations and so on.  So maybe I’ll take the time to do that soon.

For now, though, enjoy the story!

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