Governor Corbett’s Conversion
December 19, 2013

Governor Tom Corbett has come out in favor of non-discrimination against members of the LGBT community.  This is wonderful and he should be congratulated.

I didn’t go with a headline that said something like, “Corbett Comes Out…” because everybody is doing that.  It’s too easy.  (Actually, I’m just jealous they beat me to it.)

Why did it take so long for him to do this?  Well, Tom Corbett, who was our Attorney General (which deals with such things as laws), says he didn’t realize the federal government doesn’t make this kind of discrimination illegal.  It’s not like it’s in the news every day about some House Republican being upset about ENDA (the Employee Non-Discrimination Act) and how it’ll empower gay people to take over the world.

Corbett’s ignorance of the world around him aside, what we are looking at is an example of naked politics working to benefit people.  Pennsylvania is the only state in the Northeast that doesn’t have some provision for gay marriage.  But we do have a population that is in favor of it.  And most people don’t like discrimination, either.  So this decision is in line with what people want.

This comes on the heels of a poll that shows Corbett woefully trailing just about every possible candidate in the Governor’s race.  Dear reader, ever think about running for political office?  I guarantee that even though roughly nobody in this state knows who you are, you are more popular than Tom Corbett.  Get involved!

Corbett’s approval rating are in the tank.  It’s an easy decision for him to extend workplace protections.  It’s also an easy decision to legalize gay marriage.  We’ll see if that one comes next.

I’m still not voting for him, though.

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